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Welcome to the Projects Page of  I'm sure that this is destined to be the least visited of all of our sections.  Nonetheless, we will continue to update this page with articles such as, "Driveway Gate Keeps Out Unwanted Cars", "Pond Gets New Lining", "It's a Stick, It's a Fence, It's a Stick-Fence", "Purloined Wood Used to Build Skateboard Ramp" and much more!

Date Topic Description
2017 Jun Interior Wall The curtain didn't cut it...
2015 Apr Rear Yard Many projects including artificial turf.
2014 Dec Solar We get solar panels!
2014 May Wet Bar A mini kitchen for our new lower addition.
2011 Apr Addition We add 1,120 square feet to our house.
2010 Nov Art A unique way to display photos.
2010 Sep Front Yard Deck An ugly, cracked concrete walkway is replaced.
2010 Jan Refinance Use my spreadsheet for your next refinance.
2009 Oct IKEA Hack #3 Kitchen Garden Window Shelf
2009 Sep IKEA Hack #2 DOMSJO Sink Backsplash
2009 Apr Gutter I've hit rock bottom and ended up in the ...
2009 Feb TV 42-inches of wall mounted 1080p goodness.
2009 Feb Dish Drainer Copper and stainless steel replace white plastic.
2008 Oct EQ Shutoff Valve Installation of an earthquake shutoff valve.
2008 Oct Attic Insulation Work in the attic is complete!
2008 Aug Window Trim Replacing rotten window trim.
2008 Jul Dishwasher... Fiasco!
2008 Jul Outlets / Switches Replacing painted and non-grounded outlets.
2008 Jul Hood Vent An improved exhaust vent for our kitchen hood.
2008 Jul Liquor Shelf Booze moves from a cart to a high shelf.
2008 Jul Bathroom Shelf Yet another IKEA product for our home.
2008 Jun Shed Shitty shed is shelved.
2008 Jun Crawl Space Storage Crawl space under the house is prepped for future storage.
2008 Mar South Yard Weeding, digging and mulching adjacent to the kitchen.
2008 Mar Soffit Vents Soffit vents are installed about 1 year after the ridge vent.
2008 Mar Windows Five new replacement windows.
2008 Feb Hole in Ceiling Unexpected remodeling.
2008 Feb Super Will Electricity and fans in the attic.
2008 Feb Franken-stools 29-inch stools become 5 inches taller.
2008 Jan Mudroom We add 50 square feet to our house.
2008 Jan Willow Haircut Annual trimming of the Dr. Suess tree.
2007 Dec Stumps I cut down trees, wear high heels...
2007 Nov Attic Access New attic access to provide storage for PJ.
2007 Nov Front Yard Martin's Annex
2007 Jul French Drain Diverting water around the front bedroom.
2007 Jul Attic Framing Reframing in the attic for a new kitchen vent.
2007 Jun IKEA Hack #1 Metro Shelves
2007 May Ridge Vent Cutting a new roof to vent the attic.
2007 Apr Kitchen Two-day kitchen remodel thanks to SuperWill.
2007 Mar Cleaning the Attic I don't even want to talk about it.
2007 Feb Bathroom We replace our toilet and faucet.
2007 Feb Shear Walls I brace our house for the big one.
2006 Oct Tostada How to make a Tostada.
2003 Oct Cable Stayed Bridge Design and construction of a cable stayed bridge in one day.
2002 Jun Observation Deck Trimming the trees provided a foundation for my latest endeavor.
2001 Jun Water Tank "Better not let that get away from us..."
1989 Jun Skateboard Ramp 14 year old kids built a 12-foot tall monster.
1988 Jul Front Yard (Felton) It started with a deck expansion when I was 13 and has never stopped.