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Welcome to the Backpacking Page of; I hope you enjoy the show.

Date Topic Description
2017 Feb Birthday Hike Muir Beach to San Francisco
2016 Jun Desolation Wilderness Echo Lake to Emerald Bay (Eagle Falls Trailhead)
2016 Jun B to L, Part 3/5 Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes Lighthouse, Part 3
Note: See "PJ and E-Ling" for Parts 2, 4 and 5 (non-backpacking)
2016 Apr B to L, Part 1/5 Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes Lighthouse, Part 1
2015 Aug Clouds Rest Tenaya Lake to Clouds Rest to Yosemite Valley.
2015 July Saddlebag Lake Loop A family backpacking trip just east of Yosemite.
2015 May Yosemite Valley PJ's first trip to the valley, by Amtrak!
2015 Jan Point Reyes Bike-packing to Glen Camp and Wildcat Camp.
2014 Jul Evolution Lake Em's first trip to my favorite place.
2013 Dec Point Reyes Sky Camp
2013 Aug Lyell Canyon Backpacking with preschoolers in the High Sierra.
2012 Oct Point Reyes Our first family backpacking trip (to Coast Campground).
2012 Jul Ionian Basin My third trip to Evolution Basin and Beyond.
2012 Mar Lost Coast My second trip up north.
2012 Feb Henry Coe PJ's first backpacking trip.
2011 Aug North Lake to South Lake via Lamarck Col An epic trip with Ma, Pa, Adan, Dylan (and Kat in spirit).
2011 Apr Lost Coast I join Ken, Kat and others for my first trip to this area.
2010 Aug Rae Lakes Loop 2 Strangers meet on the internet and converge in the Sierras.
2010 Jun Arroyo Seco 6 A solo trip to the eastern side of Big Sur.
2010 Jan Point Reyes Bay Area Point Reyes BPL Gathering #2
2009 Aug North Lake to South Lake via Piute Pass A classic High Sierra loop.
2009 Jan Point Reyes Bay Area Lightweight Backpackers Unite
2008 Aug Desolation Wilderness and Granite Chief Wilderness
2007 Jul Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows to the Valley via Half Dome.
2006 Oct Make Your Own Poles 8 ounces for 2 two-piece trekking poles!
2006 Sep Kitchen for Two A pot, stove, windscreen, fuel bottle and cozy for under 10 oz.
2006 Aug PCT Section I A solo trip from Sonora Pass to Tuolumne Meadows.
2006 Jul Havasu Canyon Hualapai Hilltop to the Colorado River and back in 48 hours.
2006 Feb Point Reyes Redux A solo, overnight trip from Limantour to Palomarin.
2006 Feb Point Reyes An overnight trip to Wildcat Camp from the Palomarin trailhead. 
2005 Dec Grand Canyon A trip to the bottom with Will/Jill, Ma/Pa, and me.
2005 Aug Rae Lakes Loop 1 Will Emily make it over 12,000-foot Glen Pass?
2005 Jul Arroyo Seco 3 Scotty finds time between jumping off rocks to catch fish.
2005 Jun Lyell Canyon Sunbathing during the day and freezing at night.
2005 Jun Summer Solstice Sleep-Out A night in the Berkeley Hills to celebrate the summer solstice.
2005 Jun Windscreen/Pot Stand 4 ounces gets you: a stove, windscreen/pot stand, and fuel bottle.
2005 Feb Sykes Hot Springs Hot springs watch out, here we come.
2005 Jan Point Reyes Rain and rainbows in an overnight bike 'n camp trip.
2004 Jul Hetch Hetchy A 4-day, 3-night trip with Henrik, Hanna and lots of water.
2004 Jul Arroyo Seco 2 Arroyo Seco Campground to the suspension bridge via Indians Road, then up the river a fair bit, back down to the suspension bridge, and back to Arroyo Seco Campground by Indians Road.
2004 Jun Arroyo Seco 1 Arroyo Seco Campground to Escondido Campground on Indians Road then down the river to the suspension bridge and back to Arroyo Seco Campground via Indians Road.
2004 Feb Skyline to the Sea Trail If you don't have anything nice to say...
2004 Feb Point Reyes Coast, Wildcat, Glen and Sky.  Our favorite camp is...
2003 Aug Duck Pass to Lake Florence A trip down the middle half to the John Muir Trail.
2003 Jul Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne What could be better than a long 4th of July weekend spent following a river downstream in the Sierras?
2003 Apr Big Sur, Pico Blanco In search of an overnight trip in Big Sur other than Sykes Hot Springs.
2002 Dec Grand Canyon Down the South Kaibab and up the Bright Angel trails.
2002 Aug Ansel Adams Wilderness A late season trip in the Eastern Sierras.
2002 Jun Desolation Wilderness Amazing area right of Highway 50 just before Lake Tahoe.
2002 Jun Zion Narrows Another "must do in your lifetime" trip.
2001 Sep Mt. Shasta Snow was light so we climbed without crampons...
2001 Aug Dinky Lakes A gem really far out of Fresno...
2001 Jul Emigrant Wilderness Rule 1, do not fetch water naked.  Rule 2, ...
2000 Jul Emigrant Wilderness Otherwise know as the story of Henrik and the "Vaseline".
1999 Oct Mt. Whitney My mom is a rock star, the bomb, tough man, ...
1999 Sep Sykes Hot Springs Trails in Big Sur are real ass kickers, this one is no exception.